03 / 12 / 2007

ASS-1: meaning and examples

Good morning. I hope you had a nice weekend.

This week we will only send three Daily Vitamins, due to the long weekend that is coming up in Catalonia and the rest of Spain. As I mentioned last week, we will look at very informal, slang expressions with the word ass.

Ass is a swear word. A swear word is a rude or offensive word, often used to express anger. In other words, this is not something you generally use in front of your grandmother. ;-)

(For more information about the word swear, see the Daily Vitamins sent on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of April, 2006.)

Ass is the US version of arse in UK English. Ass can be a synonym of jackass (donkey = burro = idiot, imbecile, etc.) or it can mean butt, bum, bottom, buttocksgluteus maximus (i.e., culo), and it is used in different expressions (which we will look at tomorrow and Wednesday).

Example 1:
You jackass! You forgot to bring the tickets! We're going to miss our plane.

Example 2:
Don't be an ass. Just tell me what the problem is!

Example 3:
John fell right on his arse in the middle of the meeting. Everyone laughed a lot.

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Have a good day.

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