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25 / 10 / 2005

ALL RIGHT: meaning and examples

Good morning. Today we are going to examine another expression that is often used in spoken English. Today's expression is: all right It is used: for getting someone's attention when you want to start talking about or doing something new. All right has other meanings and uses (for example, to agree, to admit, etc.) but these are topics for a future Daily Vitamin! Example 1 [At a dinner party.] Host: All right. Who would like red wine and who would prefer white? Example 2 Receptionist: All right, can everybody listen to me for a moment, please? You need to take a number from that machine over there. Then, wait for your number to be called. You may also see all right written as alright. Remember: Please post any questions about today's Daily Vitamin in the Daily Vitamin Plus! section on our website. To enter, you will need your login and password (included at the end of this e-mail). If you have any questions about how to use the Daily Vitamin Plus! section, please don't hesitate to contact us. By using the Daily Vitamin Plus! forum to ask questions about the Daily Vitamins, everyone can benefit from our answers. Have a nice day!


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