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18 / 09 / 2007

'AGUJETAS' IN ENGLISH: meaning and examples

Good morning everybody.

Today we answer a question from one of our Daily Vitamin Plus! users (Jose Miguel)

Hi there. Could you tell a way to say "tener agujetas" in English? You know... I mean the feeling (or sometimes pain) you get in your muscles when you have been a long time without doing sport or going to the gym. Many thanks in advance. (Jose M. A. Vaquero)

Here is my answer:

We usually say that we are sore, stiff or aching.

Example 1:
Yesterday I went running for the first time in two years and today my legs are sore.

Example 2:
I'm stiff from yesterday's walk.

Example 3:
My legs ache from yesterday's walk.

Although I answered this question before summer, I thought it would be good to share it with the rest of you.

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Have a great day!