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18 / 09 / 2012

AGREEING AND DISAGREEING (2): meaning and examples

Good morning,

Today we will continue with our set of Daily Vitamins with language for AGREEING and DISAGREEING.

Today's expression is

It is used: to state that we have the same opinion or that we are doing the same thing as another person.

NOTE: We can only use ME NEITHER to agree with a statement that was expressed in the negative.

Example 1:
Debbie: I'm not going to Alice's dinner party on Friday night.
Karen: Me neither. I have other plans.

Example 2
: I'm not going to renew my gym membership this year. I can never find the time to go.
: Me neither. It's too expensive.

Example 3
Sarah: I don't know who is responsible for this project.
Alex: Me neither. Let's ask Frank. He'll know.

Tomorrow we will look the expression SO DO I for agreeing.

Enjoy the rest of your day.