27 / 09 / 2005

ADVICE: meaning and examples

Good morning. Yesterday we learned about the verb to advise. It means to give your opinion about the best thing to do in a certain situation. Today we are going to look at the noun form of this word. Today's word is: advice It means: suggestions about what you think a person should do or how a person should act in a situation. Advice is a non-countable noun. This means that it is not used in the plural form. Advice is often used in combination with the verbs to give and to take. Example 1 Can I give you some advice? You should get your hair cut before the job interview. Example 2 If you are not going to take my advice about how to organize the work, then why did you ask for my opinion in the first place? Remember that there is a pronunciation difference between advise and advice. You can listen to this difference if you are a Daily Vitamin Plus subscriber. If you have questions about today's word, take our advice and contact us. Enjoy your day!


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