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08 / 07 / 2005

ADJECTIVE ORDER (4): meaning and examples

Good morning. Today we will finish the topic of adjective order. So far we have learned that 1) Opinion adjectives go before fact adjectives: Opinion --> Fact 2) When we have different categories of fact adjectives, the order is: Fact (size-length) Fact (shape-width) Fact (age) Fact (colour) Today we will look at two more types of fact adjectives. Fact Adjectives (Position 4): Adjectives of Nationality Fact adjectives that answer the question where from? usually go in the fourth position when there are different categories of fact adjectives. Adjectives of nationality include words like: English, Russian, French, German, etc. Fact Adjectives (Position 5): Adjectives of Material Fact adjectives that answer the question what's it made of? usually go in the fifth position when there are different categories of fact adjectives in a sentence. Adjectives of material include words like: wooden, plastic, cotton, polyester, etc. If we look at all the adjectives categories we have learned this week, the order is: OPINION --> Fact (size-length shape-width age colour nationality material) --> NOUN Remember, commas are usually written between adjectives but not between the last adjective and the noun. Example 1: This is an interesting (opinion), old (age), French (nationality) manuscript. Example 2: Francina is a gorgeous, young, Italian model. Example 3: She has big, round, blue eyes and beautiful, long, black hair. Thank you to Rosa P. for suggesting the topic of adjectives. If you have any questions about adjective order or adjectives for describing people and things, please contact us. Have a good day and an excellent weekend!