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16 / 09 / 2004

'ACOSTUMBRARSE' IN ENGLISH: meaning and examples

Good morning everybody,

Today we will continue with Jose V.'s questions. Yesterday we looked at his first question, the expression take advantage of ("aprovechar"). Today we will look at his second question:

2. How do you say, when you have bought a new pair of shoes, "Aún no me he acostumbrado a ellos (porque me rozan)."

In English the Spanish verb acostumbrarse is to get used to something or to get used to doing something.

Following is an example:

Example 1:
I still haven't got used to these news shoes.

This is a good expression to know because it's quite frequent. Unfortunately, it's often confused with used to (see Daily Vitamin March 4th, 2004). "Used to" is used to talk about a habitual activity in the past ("I used to play football every Saturday with my friends) and get used to means to become accustomed to. They are very different.

For a new pair of shoes you could also say "I still haven't broken these shoes in." It means that the shoes haven't adapted to your feet yet.

Example 2:
I just bought these shoes yesterday and I still haven't broken them in.

To emphasize "porque me rozan" you could say they're giving me blisters.

Example 3:
I just bought these shoes yesterday and I still haven't broken them in; they're giving me blisters ("ampollas").

Thanks again to Jose for his questions. Tomorrow we will look at his last question.

If you have any questions about these expressions or if you have any suggestions or questions of your own, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a good day!