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20 / 07 / 2005

A PLAY vs. TO PLAY: meaning and examples

Good morning. Yesterday we learned the difference between the words representaion (something or someone that represents something or someone else) and performance (in entertainment, when a person sings a song, acts in a play, or dances). Today we are going to talk about the word play. Most English students know the word play as a verb but it is also a noun. TO PLAY: (verb) to take part in a game or a sport; to make music or sound with an instrument; to perform a particular part or role in a theatre play. PLAY: (noun) a piece of writing that is performed by actors, usually in a theatre. Example 1: When I was in secondary school, I played basketball for the school team and I also played the clarinet in the school orchestra. Example 2: The director is looking for a young man to play the part of the salesman in the new theatre production. Example 3: I would rather go to see a play than a film. In fact, I even have season tickets to the National Theatre! I hope this has answered your question about theatre, Vicky. If anyone has any questions about today's Daily Vitamin, please don't hesitate to contact us. Enjoy the rest of your day!