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Thursday the 25th of October, 2018
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Hello and happy Thursday Daily Vitamin readers!

As you probably know, this week we are learning often-confused words. Today we are looking at ENSURE vs. INSURE

Definition of ENSURE: To make something certain, sure. 

Example 1: The cruise ship ensures that your luggage will be in your room when you arrive. 

Example 2: This new job ensures that I will become a full-time professor at my university. 

Definition of INSURE: To provide insurance, compensation, or security (usually formally and legally). 

Example 3: My car was stolen, but I am insured, so hopefully I can get a replacement. 

Example 4: This policy will insure your home in the case of fire or natural disasters.

That's all for today. We will see you tomorrow for one more lesson about often-confused words.