Wednesday the 17th of July, 2019
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T  E  S  T  I  M  O  N  I  A  L  S
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  • With Ziggurat we have found a team of highly-experienced teachers who are particularly keen on teaching and helping students learn. They are perfectly suited to the needs of the company and our employees. The teachers foster a model of daily practice that greatly improves the habit of becoming fluent in a foreign language, in our case English. Guifré Homedes Amat / Office Manager Amat Immobiliaris Barcelona
  • Ziggurat has proved to be a huge help for my architecture studio and especially for its international exposure. The individualised courses for me, and also for my team, have taken me from struggling with English to being almost fluent in a professional context. What's more, I even give talks in English now! The method is practical, fast-working and efficient. (…) The success has been so spectacular that we have even hired them to provide us with services in other languages, such as French, which is highly strategic right now in our industry. Ziggurat is probably the best choice for language learning, especially in a business environment. Highly recommended, without the slightest doubt. Jordi Badia / Owner BAAS Architects
  • (…) From the first contact we liked the seriousness (…) and the predisposition to offer tailor-made training programmes that adapted to the needs of our company. Before starting the classes, Ziggurat held a special session to explain specific strategies to follow and to give the students recommendations so that they would get the most out of the classes. The teachers are professionals in their field, and their methodology adapts to the group’s needs and to its level. (…) They are flexible, both in pedagogy and with respect to administration, which is why we feel that choosing Ziggurat was the right decision. We are very pleased to be working with Ziggurat and look forward to continuing to do so in the future. Montse Vivero / Office Manager Barceló Congresos
  • The vast majority of TMB students are highly satisfied with the courses, thanks both to the methodology used and the teachers' skills in energising the classes and motivating students. From an educational point of view, the Training Department believes that the learning method is very successful because, despite adapting to the English level of the students, it is very flexible and virtually "tailored" to the needs and interests of each group. (...) Ziggurat teaches you a new way of learning English (...), making you aware of the importance of daily contact and creating a habit. (...) It's a pleasure working with you! Encarnación López / Training Manager at TMB
  • In the field of Human Resources Barcelona Activa, we aim to increase the competence level of our staff, (...), thus contributing to personal and professional improvement. In this sense, we six years relying on Ziggurat Corporate Language School, with which we have worked with dedication, to adapt their methodologies studied our organization. With a high level of participation, (...) Ziggurat has been impeccable in his work, both teaching and administrative level. (...) They have been able to adapt at all times to meet our training needs. Our experience with them has certainly been very positive. Beatriz Coscolin / HR Administrative Barcelona Activa

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