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Friday the 21th of September, 2018
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Happy Friday, Daily Vitamin readers! I hope that you had a nice week.

Today we are completing our week about the adverb EVEN. Today we are looking at EVEN SO

We use EVEN SO like we use the words "but" or "however." However, we use EVEN SO when it is an unexpected result.

Example 1: She doesn't speak English. Even so, we can communicate somehow. 

Example 2: The house was very dirty. Even so, I was able to clean it in just 3 hours. 

Example 3: He didn't buy Marta a birthday present. Even so, she bought him one. 

Example 4: It rained during our vacation. Even so, we had a great time. 

That's all for this week. Monday is a bank holiday in Barcelona (La Mercè) so there will be no Daily Vitamin on Monday.

We will see you on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend!