14 / 03 / 2019

Happy Thursday, Daily Vitamin readers! I hope you're having a nice week and that you are enjoying our "Millennial" Slang theme.

Today’s word is: WOKE

Definition: An adjective to describe someone who is aware of the racial and social issues in their community or the world. (In non-slang English, "woke" is the past-tense form of the verb "wake".)

Typically, one does not refer to themselves as "WOKE." (It's strange to announce that you are socially aware because it sounds pretentious.) This is a word that is normally used to describe other people. It has origins in African-American slang. 

Example 1: At the end of his speech, the activist urged us to "Stay woke."

Example 2: My uncle is a professor of Sociology and he studies racial inequality. He's pretty woke

That's all for today. Have a great day!