11 / 03 / 2019

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to the Daily Vitamin. How was your weekend? I hope it went well.

This week's theme is Millennial Slang. These are words that many native English speakers from the millennial generation say. Most originated in the United States, but because of the internet, many of these slang words are now used throughout the world. 

Our first word is EXTRA. You probably know the meaning of this word, but in slang, EXTRA means something different. 

Definition: Someone who is trying too hard or doing too much; a situation in which things are over-the-top or extravagant.  

Example 1: This party is so extra. This must have cost them tens of thousands of euros.

Example 2: You've already finished all of your homework for the month? You're so extra

Example 3: That girl at the party was so loud, and her clothes were so... sparkly. She was very extra

Have you heard anyone use this word before? It's a fun one. There seem to be a lot of EXTRA people on the internet these days. ;-)

Tomorrow we will look at another "Millennial" slang word. Have a great day!