07 / 03 / 2019
Idioms/Expressions, Songs

Welcome back, everyone!

It's Thursday and the fourth day of our Idioms-Through-Songs week. For today, we are looking at Katy Perry's "Firework" and the expression HOUSE OF CARDS.

Lyrics: Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin / Like a house of cards / One blow from caving in

Definition: Literally, a house of cards is a structure that is built with playing cards. Figuratively, it is a situation without a strong foundation; something that could easily fall or break.

Example 1: My life was like a house of cards before I got my new job and had financial security.

Example 2: The new plan that the CEO has come up with for our expansion in Europe is so complicated, yet very weak. It's like a house of cards that could come tumbling down at any moment.

You can listen to the song at the following link. Below the video, the lyrics are included:


That's it for today. Join us tomorrow for our last lesson of the week!

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