Daily Vitamin: BULATS READING, PART 1, SECTION 2 (V)  
22 / 02 / 2019

Welcome back and happy Friday, everyone! I hope that you have had a wonderful week. 

This week, we have been focusing on BULATS READING from PART 1, SECTION 2. This section gives a sentence with a missing word and also gives multiple-choice answers to complete the sentence. Here is your sentence for today. 

Sentence: I was able to buy my husband a gift and throw him a party without _____ the bank.
A. hurting
B. destroying
C. ruining
D. breaking 

What do you think the correct answer is? Give us your answer on one of our social media sites (Facebook or Twitter) and we will post the correct answer later.

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We will also include the correct answer in Monday's Daily Vitamin email.

Have a wonderful weekend!