Daily Vitamin: WORD OF THE YEAR, 2014 (VAPE)
18 / 12 / 2018

Hello Daily Vitamin readers! Welcome back to our last week of Daily Vitamins for 2018.

We are ending this year's lessons with a Word-of-the-Year theme. Each day, we are looking at one word that Oxford Dictionary chose as the word that was the most interesting for that year. Yesterday we looked at 2013's Word of the Year, which was selfie. Today we are looking at 2014's Word of the Year: VAPE.

Definition: An abbreviation of vapour or vaporize; to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.

Example 1: You can't vape here. It's prohibited.

It can also be used in the gerund form. 

Example 2: When did you start vaping?

Oxford Dictionary added this word in August of 2014. It notes that "VAPE is also the modifier for other nouns, creating new compound nouns which are growing in popularity." Some examples are vape pen, vape shop, vape lounge, and vape fluid.

That's all for today. Join us tomorrow for 2015's Word of the Year!

See you then.