Daily Vitamin: BAD CHRISTMAS JOKES (2)
11 / 12 / 2018

Hello and welcome back, everyone!

It's day two of our Holiday / Christmas Jokes theme. We think we have the perfect joke for our grammar-loving Daily Vitamin readers.

Here is today's joke.

Question: What do you call Santa's helpers?
Answer: Subordinate Clauses. 

Do you get it?

In English grammar, a subordinate clause is a clause, typically introduced by a conjunction, that forms part of and is dependent on a main clause. Here is an example. 

Example 1: She answered the phone when it rang. 

“When it rang” is the subordinate clause ("when" is the subordinate conjunction). 

So, what's the joke? In English, the word "subordinate" also means "lower in importance or rank." It is used to describe people who work for another person. Therefore,
Santa's helpers are subordinates of Santa Claus. They are subordinate clauses

We hope you're laughing (or at least smiling) at this grammar joke. Join us tomorrow for another one!

Thank you for reading.