14 / 11 / 2018
Phrasal Verbs

Welcome back everyone!

As you may know, this week we are looking at Phrasal Verbs / Formal Vocabulary pairs. We are looking at a phrasal verb and its more formal equivalent word. Today we look at TO HAND IN and its more formal equivalent, TO SUBMIT.  

Definition of TO HAND IN: To give or turn in something; to submit something. 

Example 1: Please hand in your test when you're finished.

Example 2: Did you hand in your review of our services? You could win £100 in our drawing later this month!

Formal equivalent: TO SUBMIT SOMETHING

Definition: To hand something in; to give something to someone. 

Example 3: Please submit all of the required documents. We cannot process your paperwork until we have all of the necessary papers. 

Example 4: I submitted my request to transfer to another office. Cross your fingers that it is approved!

Do you notice that the phrasal verb (which is typically less formal) is used for less formal situations, while the more formal verb is for more formal situations? And did you notice how similar these two definitions are? They are true synonyms. It is nice to have both options in your vocabulary. 

That's all for today. Thank you for reading!