13 / 11 / 2018
Phrasal Verbs

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone!

If you read yesterday's Daily Vitamin, then you know that this week's theme is Phrasal Verbs and their Formal-Vocabulary equivalents. English often has a phrasal verb that is the less formal equivalent of a formal word or phrase. This week, we will look at both. Today we are looking at the phrasal verb TO PUT OFF and its more formal equivalent verb, TO POSTPONE.  

Definition of TO PUT OFF: To postpone; to decide to complete a scheduled event/action at a later date. 

Example 1: I put off writing my essay and now I have to write it all tonight. It's due tomorrow. 

Example 2: I put off buying tickets for our flight to Australia. Now the prices are really high. 

Formal equivalent: TO POSTPONE

Definition: To arrange for something to happen at a later date than when it was originally scheduled. 

Example 3: I'm sorry, but I will have to postpone our meeting. I'm not feeling well. 

Example 4: We have to postpone the wedding. There was a fire at the venue. 

Please note that the phrasal verb TO PUT OFF has other meanings. We are only focusing on one today. For other meanings, check out Word Reference.

That's all for today. Thank you for reading! We will see you tomorrow.