31 / 10 / 2018

Welcome back and Happy Halloween everyone!

This week we are focusing on vocabulary related to Halloween, and today we are learning the word PETRIFIED

Definition: So scared that you are unable to move. 

Example 1: I'm petrified of heights. I can't even climb a ladder without shaking. 

Example 2: You look petrified. What's wrong?

Example 3: The children were petrified of the clown. 

Of course, there is also the "normal" meaning of petrified: when organic matter is changed into a stony substance.

Example 4: I found a piece of petrified wood on the trail. It looks like wood, but it feels like rock.

Tomorrow is a holiday in Spain, All Saints Day, so there will be no Daily Vitamin. Therefore, we will see you on Friday for one more Halloween-related vocabulary lesson.

Have a great Halloween!