01 / 10 / 2018
Phrasal Verbs

Happy Monday (and Happy October), Daily Vitamin readers! I hope you had a nice weekend. 

This week, we are looking at Phrasal Verbs for Business. We hope you can use these phrasal verbs at work, but you will also see that they can be used outside of the office. 

Today's phrasal verb is: TO PUT TOGETHER

Definition: To assemble (create or build). 

Example 1: We put together a team of salespeople for this new project. 

Example 2: I put together the schedule for next week. We are very busy on Monday and Tuesday. 

Example 3: Did you put that sales report together?

As you can see, this phrasal verb is transitive and separable

Join us tomorrow for another lesson with another business phrasal verb.

Until then, have a great day!