21 / 09 / 2017

Welcome to Day Four of our week of BULATS Reading Part-One practice! Are you ready for another challenge?

Here is your reading text. It's a letter from a company to a customer. Read the letter and choose the correct answer below. 

Mrs Johnson:
We apologize for your recent experience with our company. At Travel Well, we aim to provide our customers with the best service possible; it appears we did not meet your standards. To further apologize, we are enclosing a compensation check for $300.

Which is NOT true?

A. Travel Well accepts full responsibility for a mistake.

B. The customer requested money because Travel Well charged too much.

C. Travel Well did not do a good job.

Do you think you know the answer? Give us your answer on one of our social media sites and we will post the correct answer later. 

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As always, thank you for participating and good luck!