20 / 01 / 2017
Phrasal Verbs

Good morning everyone and happy Friday to you! I hope the last day of the work week is going well for you.

Last week for Phrasal Verb Friday we looked at the phrasal verb TO FREEZE UP. Today we are looking at the verb TO FREEZE OUT. FREEZE OUT has three or four definitions, but today we are only looking at two.

Definition 1: to make it too cold for someone, usually by opening windows or through the use of air-conditioning.  

Example 1: Are you trying to freeze out everybody? Please turn off the air conditioning. (Or "Are you trying to freeze everybody out?")

Example 2: He opened the window and froze us out of the room.

If you include a place (a prepositional phrase, like in Example 2), you usually separate the verb.

Definition 2: to prevent someone or something from being involved in an activity.

Example 2: The CEO froze him out of the project and replaced him with the new manager.

Example 3: The company tried to freeze out its competition by putting a supermarket on almost every corner.

This phrasal verb is usually SEPARABLE, but it depends on the meaning (as you will see by the above examples). If you separate it with these two meanings, you will usually be okay.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!