Wednesday the 17th of July, 2019
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About Ziggurat

Ziggurat Language Services SL is a company that specialises in language training for companies and professionals from all types of industries.

Matthew T. Ray founded Ziggurat English Services in 2003, drawing on his wealth of experience in the field of language learning and consultancy. In 2007, Ziggurat expanded its services by offering more languages. And in 2015, it was renamed the Ziggurat Corporate Language School.

Since the very outset, Ziggurat's mission has been to deliver effective, results-oriented training. This is why we assess the needs and goals of each student or company before embarking upon the training process.

Ziggurat's ground-breaking approach entails constantly motivating students so they can learn and maintain their second or third language for life. This is achieved thanks to a team of native, qualified and highly-experienced teachers.

One of our most popular services is The Daily Vitamin, a short English lesson published on our website from Monday to Friday and which perfectly sums up our philosophy: brief daily contact with the language is more effective than spending several hours just one day a week.

What is a ziggurat?
Imatge ZigguratA ziggurat is a terraced step pyramid typical of ancient Babylon. A series of ramps would lead up to the summit, where there was a temple which also doubled up as an astronomical observatory.

Why do we identify with this tower?
Because the philosophy of Ziggurat is to map out, nurture and pave the way to realistic English learning by climbing levels step-by-step and securing already acquired knowledge.